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Waterdrop Pitcher Water Filter with High Capacity PT-61B


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Waterdrop Pitcher Water Filter with High Capacity PT-61B
Waterdrop Pitcher Water Filter with High Capacity PT-61B
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Filter capacity
200 gallons
1.98 lbs (0.9kg)
10.0x 5.3x10.0 inches
Flow rate
0.2-0.5 gpm/ 0.8-2 lpm
41-100℉/ 5-38℃
We all want to live healthy and happily, and one way to achieve this is to drink water regularly. Drinking water is important but drinking pure, great-tasting water is more important. You could argue about buying plastic bottles of water, but it is not exactly the best way to cultivate a healthy water habit. Therefore, more and more homes and offices are adopting water filter pitcher.
The reason for the increasing acceptance of water filter jugs among people is not farfetched. It is easily one of the most efficient solution to access pure and healthy water. Likewise, it offers important environmental and health benefits to everyone, including the use of fewer plastic bottles.
Are you interested in making the switch to a water filter pitcher? Here are a few important things you should consider. The first is your demand for clean water. Are you getting a water filter pitcher for home or office use? Is it for personal use? Your answers to these questions matter a lot. For instance, Waterdrop offers a water filter pitcher with a 10-cup capacity, suitable for both home and office use.
You should also consider the safety and health features you want from your pitcher. The right water pitcher with filter must have all the necessary components to provide you with pure and healthy water. Start by checking the materials used in manufacturing the water filter pitcher. For instance, Waterdrop adopts BPA-free and lead-free materials in manufacturing their pitchers to ensure there is a zero chance of secondary contamination.
You should also consider the durability of your water filter pitcher. You do not want a pitcher that breaks easily. Fortunately, the Waterdrop water purifier pitcher comes with four anti-slip protector pads for additional rigidity and stability.

How to choose the best water filter pitcher?

When choosing a water filter pitcher, you will notice that all of them have similar structures. But what is more important is the quality of the cartridges in each model. This means you should prioritize the filter material and the filtration performance of the filter cartridge when purchasing one. Besides, you can choose one based on your preferences, including colors, the lid design, housing materials, etc.

What contaminants does Waterdrop water purifier pitcher reduce from tap water?

Drinking clean and fresh water helps to hydrate your body. Waterdrop water filter pitchers can reduce, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, iron, metal ions, color, odor, and other impurities tested by the third-party laboratory.

Which filter should I use for my Waterdrop water filtration pitcher?

The compatible filter model for this water filter pitcher is WD-PF-01A.

How do I clean the water filter pitcher?

Start by hand-washing the pitcher, lid, and reservoir with a mild detergent. Don’t put it in the dishwasher or use abrasive cleaning tools or detergent. Rinse thoroughly with water after washing.

Can I put the water filter jugs in the refrigerator?

Yes. It is refrigerator friendly. So, you can get cold and fresh water anytime.

How often should I change the water filter for my pitcher?

It is recommended to change the filter cartridge every 3 months. It means that each filter cartridge can produce up to 3,200 cups of clean water. We give this recommendation base on the usage and local water quality – both factors determine the cartridge’s lifespan.

How do I know when it’s time to replace the water filter?

This Waterdrop water filter jug features a LED filter life indicator on the lid. It reminds you to replace the filter in time.

How do I read the smart LED indicator of my Waterdrop water filter pitcher?

If the indicator keeps on blue light, the filter cartridge can work efficiently. If you notice that the red light flashes, the filter is due for replacement. Please change the filter immediately if the LED indicator keeps on red light.

Why is the water filtering slowly?

The filter cartridge may be clogged. Take out the filter and shake it intensely to shift the granules inside, which will improve the speed of water flow. If not, the filter might be due for replacement.

Why does the water taste bad?

The filter cartridge is not installed properly, or it could also be time to change the filter cartridge. Please follow the instructions and install the cartridge correctly or check to see if the filter cartridge need to be replaced with a new one.

Why is the TDS value not lowered before after filtration?

TDS stands for total dissolved solids. It is composed of inorganic salts and some organic matter. This filter cannot lower the TDS value because it reduces harmful substances while keeping beneficial trace elements such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium. These trace elements can increase the TDS value. Please choose our RO system if you are looking for a filtration system that can reduce the TDS in water.

Why can’t I see the color of the indicator?

The indicator’s battery might be out of power. Do not worry, the filter indicator is replaceable. And if it’s still in the warranty period, we will replace it for free.
Certificated Product
This water filter jug is NSF/ANSI 42 certified to reduce chlorine as well as bad taste and odor.
It is also NSF/ANSI 372 certified to validate it is made of lead-free materials.
Waterdrop ensures 100% safe drinking water.
Long Lifespan
Replace the filter cartridge every three months to ensure the optimal filtration performance. The service life is about 5x longer than most filters on the market.
Fast Flow Rate
The large surface area of filter enhances the filtration performance and ensures a fast flow rate that minimizes your waiting time.
Monitor Filter Life
This Waterdrop water purifier pitcher features a LED filter life indicator on top of the lid. It’s an easily visible reminder of when it’s time to replace the filter.
Large Capacity
The water pitcher with filter can store up to 10 cups of filtered water, which can keep you hydrated throughout the entire day.
Your Purchase, Your Love
Invest in sustainability, lasting clean water, and improved health for children and their families.

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