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Waterdrop Replacement for Aqua-Pure™ DW80/90 Undersink Water Filter


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Waterdrop Replacement for Aqua-Pure™ DW80/90 Undersink Water Filter
Waterdrop Replacement for Aqua-Pure™ DW80/90 Undersink Water Filter
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Model Number
Minimum Operating Temperature
Maximum Operating Temperature
DMinimum Working Pressure
172 kPa/25 psi
Maximum Working Pressure
689 kPa/100 psi

Why is it difficult to twist the new filter into the filter housing?

The pressure inside may force the connector to expand, making it difficult to install the system. To avoid this, it's recommended that you push the new filter in with a minimal force, and then turn it clockwise.

If I do not change my filter every 6 months, can this damage the system?

Yes. You should replace the undersink filtration system replacement filter cartridge every 6 months. It may be sooner if the water flow is reduced or there is a heavy presence of sediments in water. Leaving filters unchanged for the long term will lead to fatigue and ultimately degrade the filtration performance.

Do I need to flush the filter before using it?

Yes. It is highly recommended to flush the undersink filtration system replacement filter before using it. Water filters are made from advanced coconut carbon blocks, so you may find some carbon particles in the filter. Therefore, you should flush at first to remove these carbon small particles, leaving you with only pure water.

How to install Waterdrop DW80/90 water filter?

1. Turn the cartridge to the left (counterclockwise) and gently pull it straight down. Discard the detached cartridge. If you have not depressurized the system properly, there may be a discharge of a small amount of water.
2. Align the tabs of the new cartridges and insert the cartridge from the head. Turn the cartridge to the right (clockwise) until you hear a clicking sound. The cartridge is now properly installed.
3. Turn on the water at the saddle valve or water line and check the system for leaks. If there are leaks, check connections or repeat cartridge installation.
4. Flush 5 gallons through the system (it takes approximately 10 minutes). Residual air may cause temporary cloudiness in water. Place protective shroud back on bracket.

Can I connect the Waterdrop DW80/90 water filter only to a cold water supply?

Not necessary. The operating temperature of the filter is between 33℉ to 100℉. Any temperature below or above the limit is not recommended.

How often do I need to replace this Waterdrop DW80/90 water filter?

Waterdrop filter replacement for DW80/90 can last 6 months or 625 gallons of filtered water; whichever comes first will vary based on water condition. It helps to reduce costs because you will cut the consumption of bottled water.

What contaminants can this undersink water filter reduce?

This replacement filter for water filter DW80/90 is highly efficient in reducing chlorine, sand, soil, rust, sediment, and other impurities, serving you top-quality filtered water.

Do I have to turn off the water supply when replacing this undersink water filter?

Yes, you should turn off the water source to the filter before replacing the filter cartridge.

Does this DW80/90 water filter work with well water?

The WD-DW80/90 replacement water filter cartridge for water filter DW80/90 set allows for use on both municipal and well water systems.

What are the common undersink water filter types and how do they work?

Conventional under sink filter
The feed water is sourced from the undersink cold water pipe. It passes through a flexible plastic tube and gets to the water filter. After filtration, it is transported from the filter to the dedicated filter faucet through another flexible plastic tube. The user gets the filtered water from this dedicated faucet right on the top of the sink. The filtration process starts when the user opens the tap, hence the system requires constant pressure to send the water from the cold water pipe to the filter and finally out of the faucet.
Simple under sink water filter
The source water leaves the cold water supply to the filter for filtration and finally dispensed through the regular water sink faucet. The hot water does not undergo filtration. The more common version is one without a distinct ledge as the flexible undersink pipes are easier to use. Unlike the hard copper undersink pipes, the flexible pipes facilitate a simple and cost-effective DIY installation.
Most under sink filters can deliver excellent filtration performance because they adopt activated carbon filtration, present as advanced carbon block filters. The Waterdrop replacement filter for water filter DW80/90 is handled by the premium carbon materials sourced from the Sri Lanka coconut shell. This ensures users always enjoy a superior filtration performance.
Efficient filtration
Our replacement filter cartridges for Aqua-Pure™ water filter ADW80/90 can reduce chlorine and various other harmful substances in water.
Superior materials
Adopting natural coconut shell carbon block from Sri Lanka, our replacement filter for the undersink water filter can adsorb chlorine and reduce unpleasant taste.
The filter adopts a food-grade plastic housing, preventing contaminants from leaching back to your water.
Perfect fit for the original system
This replacement filter is designed to fit with your original system, providing you with a great water experience without worrying about water leakage.
Stable & fast water flow
Waterdrop undersink filtration system replacement filter is designed to produce filtered water at a stable and fast water flow. You can now conveniently fulfill the water needs of your family or workplace.

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