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Waterdrop UV Water Sterilizer | Suitable for RO Systems and Undersink Water Filters


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Waterdrop UV Water Sterilizer | Suitable for RO Systems and Undersink Water Filters
Waterdrop UV Water Sterilizer | Suitable for RO Systems and Undersink Water Filters
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1.85"*5.2" (R*H)
Feed water pressure
14.5-87 psi/0.1-0.6 MPa
Feed water temperature
Rated flow rate
≤0.52 GPM
Sterilization rate
Power specification
Input 110-240 AC/0.5A
Rated frequency

Does uv sterilizer work?

Yes, they are. The UV sterilization here is designed to remove 99.9% contaminants using 260-280nm band UV light radiation. The filtration process takes just two seconds and returns a 99.9% success rate without leaving any harmful chemicals behind.

How does UV sterilizer work?

This UV sterilizer's deep LED filtration technology produces radiation of 280-20nm wavelength, the shortest and most energized band. Hence, absorption by organic substances is faster. When absorbed, it alters the molecular structures of the organic matter, removing their reproductive abilities.

Does it work alone or need another filter?

The UV sterilizer lamp can work independently. Alternatively, you can connect it with other water filters like RV, under sink water filter, and RO systems with no secondary pollution problem.

How to replace the filter for this UV water sterilizer?

You do not need to replace this product. The LED beam is designed to ensure adequate protection for your family from harmful impurities in water by filtering and sterilizing it. The lifespan is about 50 years.

What is the sterilization rate of this UV light sterilizer?

The sterilization rate is up to 99.9%.

Can the water treated by this UV sterilization be drunk directly?

Yes, you can. The sterilized water is fit for consumption – it is free of 99.9% contaminants and has a pure taste.

Which of the water treated by this UV sterilizer light or RO water is safer?

Both the UV sterilized water and RO water are safe for consumption. The 0.0001-micron filtration accuracy of RO filters ensures no impurity is spared during the filtration process. Likewise, this UV water sterilizer uses UVC to remove up to 99.9% of harmful substances effectively.

What are the pros of the UV sterilizer?

You can rest assured of the safety of this UV sterilizer lamp. It is made of durable stainless steel and has been extensively tested and certified by the relevant authorities. Also, the UV water purifier is equipped with a smart sensing device designed to detect water flow. When water is flowing, sterilization is active and vice-versa.

What harmful substances can be removed by UV sterilizer?

This UV sterilizer can remove up to 99.9% impurities in your water, including protozoa, bacteria, and viruses, with the UV light it produces.
Do you know your reverse osmosis tank breeds bacteria daily?
Also, do you know that a traditional mercury sterilizer is harmful?
Traditional RO storage tanks breed bacteria, causing secondary pollution. Traditional mercury sterilizers is also harmful. Once a mercury lamp breaks, it releases mercury, which is especially harmful to human health and the environment.
The UV sterilizer has a best-in-class LED chip that requires low power and starts up quickly. This UV sterilizer has a smaller size and a longer lifespan, making it more effective against eliminating bacteria and viruses than a traditional mercury sterilizer. Another significant benefit of the UV sterilizer is that it is eco-friendly neither does it release harmful pollutants.
The dispersed wavelength of the mercury lamp is between 100 and 1000nm, making it ineffective in removing bacteria and other microorganisms. Deep ultraviolets of wavelengths between 260nm and 280nm are more effective than ordinary UV sanitizer light, especially in eliminating harmful substances, which easily absorbs DUV, leading to an altered molecular structure and ultimately death.
With upgraded water way internal the UV sterilizer lamp, it extends filtration time by 3 times after thorough LED purification, achieving 99.9% performance.
You may experience safety risk such as mercury leakage while using the traditional mercury sterilizer, which is extremely harmful to your body. Meanwhile, the mercury lamp requires high voltage of 300V, which is pretty dangerous and the lamp lights on constantly would lead to electrical leakage. In the contrast, the portable UV sterilizer with LED chip is safe, sustanable and energy-saving under 6-8v low voltage.
Furthermore, the LED chip is energy-saving. It has a light indicator and an in-built smart breathing light that automatically detects water flow. Thus, the sterilizer only starts up when water passes through it.
This UV light sterilizer works with reverse osmosis water filters, RV water filters, single-stage water filters, and more without forming a secondary population. This LED lamp can solve the problem of secondary pollution in traditional RO systems with tanks.
Sterilization begins once the LED light is on. Therefore, the sterilization is more thorough than the traditional mercury lamp with a delayed filtration effect. As a result, this product ensures water safety for the whole household.

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